CAF promotes divisiveness in unfounded attacks on government

January 25th, 2008 | Leave the first comment

The courageous and bold decision by the Canadian government to withdraw from participating in the developing sham of Durban II has struck an important chord with fair-minded Canadians who want to fight, not propagate more, racism and intolerance. It is also encouraging to see Liberals ( and the NDP ( add their voices in support.

Enter the Canadian Arab Federation, spewing drive-by allegations and contempt for our elected officials and institutions. In a few short paragraphs (, they have raised demagoguery to a new level and insulted  the motives of elected officials. If not going to Durban means the CAF and its ilk will not have a platform to expound their venomous and divisive approaches, then all Canadians are the better for it.

We need to build cooperation in Canada in the fight against intolerance, not promote divisiveness.

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